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The Legendary Pran Kishore and His Multifarious Contributions Towards Kashmiri Culture


Owing to his unrivalled contributions towards Kashmiri Art, language and culture, Pran Kishore is a legend amongst the literary circles of Jammu and Kashmir as well as across the country at large.

An articulate fiction writer, broadcaster and a stage and film director, Pran Kishore has directed and written screenplays for numerous films and TV serials.

He was bestowed an award from the Sahitya Academy for his novel Sheen Tu Watu Pod and was one of the founders of the Miltsar Kashmir Music & Dance Group, a group that travels widely with the goal of supporting Kashmiri and Indian arts.

Pran Kishore Kaul is best known as the creator of 1991 Doordarshan television serial Gul Gulshan Gulfaam. He is also a recipient of Silver peacock for the feature film Maanzirath and was instrumental in major cultural activities that took place in the Kashmir valley since past five decades thus made a unique contribution and place in the field.

Talking to Harmukh News over the phone from Pune, the legendary literary figure revealed that his two Kashmiri Novels Sheen Te Watu Pod and Gul Gulshan Gulfam have recently been translated into English and will be released at a gala literary function in February next year.

Inviting Harmukh News for the event, Pran Ji said that the English translation of his first Kashmiri novel, Sheen Te Watu Pod has been titled “Sheen” (snow) and is currently under publication by TARA India publications while Gul Gulshan Gulfam is being published in English by HARPER COLLINS and will be available across the world under the same title.

Sheen Te Wate Pod beautifully illustrates the nomadic life in Jammu and Kashmir while Gul Gulshan Gulfaam depicts the life of boatmen in the world famous Dal lake of Kashmir valley. The novel was also focal point in Pran Ji’s famous TV serial of the same name which spanned 125 episodes and featured the renowned Bollywood actor and director Parikshit Sahni (Late. Balraj Sahni’s son) as the lead.

Born in 1926, the now 90-year-old Pran Kishore is still vigorously pushing his mission of promoting the cultural and literary ethos of Kashmir, the witness of his undying and eternal love for the motherland.

Pran Ji is a multifaceted Kashmiri intellectual who contributed immensely towards the socio-cultural and literary movement of Kashmir as a front-runner leader during the progressive literary movement alongside leaders like G.M Sadiq, Balraj Sahni, Fariq Badgami among others.

His multifarious contributions include his historical role in co-directing the 1st full length Kashmiri feature film “SHAIR E KASHMIR MAHJOOR” (1966-70) as well as the first Kashmiri feature film “Manz e Rath” (1954-63).

Pran Kishore worked in Radio Kashmir Srinagar for four decades where he produced more than two thousand Radio dramas and operas and created history in Radio broadcasting along with his wife and the first popular radio announcer in Kashmir, Late. Shanta Koul.

Pran Ji’s contributions will be etched in annals of Kashmir’s history for centuries to come.

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